Title Services

Title Update

Update the title search upon receipt of sales contract or as otherwise requested by client.

Title Search/Exam

MCS Title performs a full examination of public records and/or abstract requirements. This includes a search of chain of title on property, which conforms to the title insurer’s search and examination guidelines.

Title Policies

MCS title will issue an ALTA, CLTA, or TLTA (dependent on state) Residential Loan Policy (Short Form with standard endorsements) after closing of transaction.

Title Commitment

A commitment to insure title satisfactory to client will be provided for all properties and will include vesting (current owner), legal description; current real estate tax information and tax identification number, encumbrances, requirements for clear title, and may include restrictions and/or easements affecting the property.

Title Clearance and Curative Services

MCS Title will assist the client in resolving issues to permit the effective marketing and sale of the property by satisfying, expunging or removing both primary and secondary liens from the record title to the property.

Property Reports

As a solution for home equity lending and other applications, MCS Title will provide a deed & legal report to show current owner, legal description and deed and vesting information. Uninsured and insured versions are available.

Manufactured Home Curative Services

Determine status and cure title defects of mobile/manufactured home titles, including but not limited to assuring that title has been recorded in the appropriate county records and validating that the mobile home constitutes a real estate fixture under applicable state law.

HOA/Tax Lien and Delinquency Payment Services

Obtain HOA documentation, tax lien payoff and delinquency amounts as part of the title search for payment by client and provide recommendations on strategies to mitigate liens or charges.

FHA Post Foreclosure Title Policies

MCS Title will conduct and examine title, perform curative work, and deliver a title policy that will satisfy HUD requirements for conveyance after foreclosure sale.

Code Violation Search

Provide code violation searches when a municipality applies a code violation to the collateral property.

Attorney Title Report/Title Opinion

Coordinate with a licensed attorney to examine public records and/or abstract requirements, this includes a full search of chain of title on property as deemed appropriate by the certifying attorney.

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